Bob Youngs

I am Robert Youngs, owner of Youngs & CompanyContracting • Remodeling.  We are a small company of people that are passionate about remodeling. Every turn in every project is Problem-solving 101, and we love it! We’ve talked about how one of us will awaken in the night and have the needed solution for the next step or maybe a way to do something just a little better than the last time. Just ask our clients about the detailing and forethought that goes into what we do.

If you spend any time around us while we work you may hear of last night’s family activities, or how a particular issue was addressed on another project, lots about safety, maybe laughter, even singing. It’s contagious. Our subcontractors often pick up on it and get involved.

Personally — I am committed to “Excellence in Construction. ” I live by the simple rule that “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” Proverbs 22:1

Because I want to establish my name in this community, and for successive generations of my family to do the same, I have also been committed to having those in my family learn the business of remodeling and construction. Whether they continue on in the construction tradition or not, I want them to know how to work with clients, put together a project, build a business, and establish a good name. I have worked with all three of my sons and one of my daughters on projects. One of them has caught the construction bug that I have. See his Bio below.

I have well over forty years of experience in the construction industry and a focus on integrity and excellence toward every aspect of your project: Cost and Quality | Details and Overall | Materials and Installations | Environmental Responsibility | Energy Efficiency

I am constantly honing and perfecting my skills and knowledge — but, no project is “practice” for me.

I want you to benefit from my commitment!      Bob_sig


Jordan 2017

Jordan Youngs is a licensed General Building Contractor and our lead remodel carpenter. He has been around construction and remodel projects all of his life, learning as he has grown up. He enjoys building things, working with his hands, solving problems, re-purposing materials . . . and especially, spending time with his family, camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting.



Scott's photo

Scott Swan is a bit newer carpenter.  He’s enjoying the projects, learning the drawings, and catching on quickly to all that is remodeling.

But, he especially likes spending time with his fiance.  (I think he really likes his ‘new’ diesel truck also.)





IMG_2354 Lucas Youngs is learning from his oldest brother Jordan by shadowing him on our projects.  He enjoys things mechanical, western attire, his Caballero and ballroom dancing.  He also likes spending time in the shop, making things with his skills.






The crew . . . getting the jobs done.

Crew finishing a kitchen  Getting the pieces rightRepairs under home  IMG_20180510_114307616  Deck