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8/2015 Updated review
474It is a year later and my bathroom remodel by Bob and his sons is still working great and still beautiful. It is great compliment to be able to say that with use that what you paid for is still working well and that you still enjoy it. If ever you need a contractor. Robert Youngs should be your first choice. They were punctual, very quiet (or as quiet as you can be knocking things out) and very clean, during and after. Even when the water had to be turned off, I had time to notify my fellow condo owners, and it was off for the least amount of time. If I ever need additional work they are my first and only choice.

9/2014 Previous review
This summer I finally got the courage to have my one and only bathroom remodeled. It was a very scary commitment, not knowing what would be under the very poorly laid vinyl flooring. I got encouragement and many suggestions from Robert Youngs. It ended up being a very pleasant, easy remodel. It was the only bathroom we had and I thought we might have to stay in a hotel but Robert and his sons made the whole remodel happen without us leaving. They timed everything perfectly. The other reason for the remodel was to make it safer for my mom with grab bars and better lighting. I was asked for my opinion on everything and I got extras that I didn\’t know about like a timed light switch. I love my new beautiful bathroom. Although I have a small condo that doesn’t need much work done now, I would always chose Robert Youngs and his sons for any future work.

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