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Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Remodel

In the twenty-five years we have lived in Santa Rosa, we have had some major remodeling work done on our ninety-year-old house in the historic section of town. We feel that none of the contractors we have worked with has ever gotten it “right.” Bob Youngs is the first!! He and his sons did an excellent job of fixing dry rot and other problems, and adding improvements to this old house. Bob cared about our house and really wanted to do the job the right way. Everything turned out perfect. One aspect that sets Bob apart is that he really listens to you, makes suggestions, sends possible sketches for your approval; basically he communicates at every stage along the way. Wow! That has never happened before.
We are happy to recommend Bob Youngs–please ask Bob for our phone number so we can talk to you about the quality of his work.

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