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Highly recommend

When the winter rain storm in [early] 2017 revealed water leaks under our storm door, opening into the deck, we called Youngs and Company and they were great to work with and very thorough in repairing the leak there and from the other areas behind stucco where the water had seeped in. Would definitely hire them again!

Bill Edelen Homeowner

Great work, no question!

Jordan, Scott, and Lucas are very thorough, professional, and friendly. It was a pleasure working with them. They did a really great job. It’s better than new!

Paul Schwarz Owner

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Follow up

3 years ago our deck was fixed by Bob & team, and now here I am updating my feedback. If I could give 6 stars I would, with the way our deck is positioned it receives so much sunlight that it started peeling up on the edges. When I reached out to Bob, he immediately put me on his list of to do’s and made sure to come out and fix the issue! This team really stands behind their work and the products they work with! Thank you again so much, it’s perfect again!

Erika Thayer Client

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Deck Repair

May 2016
I hired Bob Youngs Company to repair the second floor wrap around deck on my home. A large supporting beam and several joists were rotting and needed to be replaced. It was a tricky job getting the very large rotten beam out while keeping the overlying deck supported.
Bob and his [crew] did a superb job. They were professional, clean, courteous, on time and on budget. I would definitely use them again! Thanks Bob!

Jeff Bean Dentist

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Very Experienced, Professional & Top Quality Work

May 2019
We have a late seventies house and had the popcorn ceiling removed as well as damaged siding and eaves. Bob Youngs provided a clear and prompt quote for the work. During the work Bob and his crew were always very professional and courteous.
The quality of the work was outstanding and what was most impressive to me were the suggestions once the ceiling was removed and other items were uncovered. The suggested improvements were very well thought out and all added tremendous value to the home. Bob handled all permitting and clearly has a good reputation with the building officials. Project was on time and within budget. We highly recommend Youngs and Company – very experienced and professional and top quality work.

Windsor home - AFTER repairs, remodel

Windsor home – AFTER repairs, remodel

Windsor home - BEFORE repairs, remodel

BEFORE repairs, remodel

Craig Scott Homeowner, City Engineer

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A Team You Can Trust

Janes-houseNovember 2018
The things that meant the most to me in hiring a company to work on my home was finding someone I could trust to do a great job, be considerate of my tenants and help me through the process. Bob Youngs and his great crew did just that and more. Jordan, Lucas and Scott were very helpful and I always looked forward to seeing them on the job. They helped me when I needed it and were positive, solution minded builders. No job was too big or too small. A small job turned into a big one when termites (and dry rot) was found during the course of construction. They fixed it all and went out of their way to work around my tenants. They did a super job and if I ever need work done in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them. If you love your home and need builders you can trust this is the company you should hire.

Jane Lufkin Homeowner, Artist, Landscape Arthitect Santa Rosa, California

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First Cabin Home Remodel

3/30/2012Bryans Fireplace
Dear Bob,
Your completed total remodel of our home has been a source of absolute pleasure and satisfaction.  Throughout the entire project, despite some inconvenience, we were able to remain “in residence,” which was a source of relief on our part.
Not only is your craftsmanship to be admired, your professionalism, work ethic, and “people skills” are to be equally admired.  We are totally satisfied and pleased with our “new home.”
Without hesitation, qualification, and with total confidence, we would recommend you and your expertise to anyone in need of your skills.

Howard Bryan Retired College Professor / Homeowner

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New home construction

Ground up framing and sheeting done in good time. Everyone involved reported a professional, polite, and careful crew that had a good time working together.

Doug Raynor Owner/builder of second residence

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Remodel from a distance

Oakmont home remodel
June 2019
Bob and his crew did an exceptional job on our remodel in Oakmont. From our opening meeting, and throughout the project, Bob excelled at learning our wants, tastes, and expectations. Bob walked us through design, selection, implementation, and finishing with patience and expertise.
This, to us, was a difficult project because we live in Minnesota and were completing a project in California. Bob kept us updated through e-mails, drop box, and plenty of pictures of ongoing construction and issues. When we were able to visit, Bob always made himself available to review plans, progress and issues.
We were very impressed at his attention to details, such as eliminating potential asbestos exposure, fixing some termite damage, reversing a shower input, correcting painting errors, and helping with a plumbing issue. He recommended many local vendors for flooring, tile, cabinets, shower, and vanity choices. All of these businesses were very helpful, despite being busy due to fire damage rebuilds.
Overall, we highly recommend Bob and his company for any project, big or small.

Rolf and Pam Baglien Homeowners Whole Home Remodel

Rotted floor structure replaced

Meticulous, creative & kept us informed

May 2016
I used Bob Youngs first in 1990, when he did a major remodel on our home. He was meticulous, creative, and kept us really informed the whole time. At that time I decided I would use him for any construction or remodel.
I had occasion to need his services this year. I had a major termite infestation which actually rotted several members of the frame [of our home] and involved replacing joists and siding. He and his men did a great job, kept us informed, showed us what they were doing, and completed the job well. I might point out that I am not an ignorant user of their services, but rather was totally familiar with the work they were doing.
I would use Bob Youngs again in a heartbeat. Once his crew gets done with a job, it is done and done well.
If you have any questions about his work, feel free to call me at (707)529-9670.
Bill Kadell

Bill Kadell Homeowner / Realtor / Property Investor

Master Suite, Hall, Entry Remodel

Master suite remodel
July 2015
We just had our Master Bathroom/ Walk-in closet project completed by Youngs & Company. A total tear out down to the studs in this 150 SQ Foot space. Outstanding final product involving custom made cabinets installation, glass block, various tiles/various patterns, Granite counter tops, mirror, great low energy lighting, vent fans for toilet and shower, heated floor, re-circulating hot water pump (low cost install and has already saved us $40 per month on PGE) and vanity kickboard lighting!
We were so happy with the results we continued on into the Master Bedroom with new hardwood floors, new ceiling texture, new remote custom lighting, baseboards and paint. We then installed new slate tile and baseboard throughout the hallway all the way to the entrance. We remodeled the entry with bead-board and new baseboards and paint.
That put such a nice new look to our inside entry we decided to have a brand new custom-fit solid wood door installed. It all looks fabulous! Bob was always very timely and his project management skills are outstanding. His two sons Jordan and Timothy are outstanding and they cleaned up every day to ensure minimal interference.
I highly recommend Youngs & Company, without reservation, for its quality of work and outstanding project management – not to mention the fact that they are very nice and trustworthy people who treat the customer with respect. Thank you Bob, Jordan, and Timothy.

Mark & Diane Hernandez Homeowners Home Remodel


Wow! Their billing is as awesome as their work!

Pergola Repairs/ Removal
Our homeowners association takes care of 30 upscale Santa Rosa townhomes. One of our owners used Youngs & Company and recommended them. Not only did Youngs do an outstanding job–but they sent us a written cost estimate revision each time we changed the project scope. AND they provided detailed photographs. This made it easy to get the appropriate approval. We highly recommend Bob and his team AND we will definitely be using them again.

Lee Boyack Parker Hill Estates ArchComm Director

Quail - home remodel - kitchen

Whole Home Remodel

High Quality Workmanship
We selected Bob Youngs for our home’s renovation and knew this was the right choice from the start. Bob is a highly knowledgeable and experienced general contractor whose easy manner and gentle attitude are greatly appreciated when tough decisions and unexpected obstacles arise.
He and his [crew] managed our project with efficiency and poise. They spent substantial time making sure that the details were what we wanted, and understanding our view of what we thought our place could be. We are especially pleased with the elegant, high quality workmanship. We would recommend him to anyone with a dream for their residence.

Lloyd & Barbara Cardiologist / Administrator Whole Home Remodel

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Helpful Consultation

We are new homeowners in Santa Rosa, and there are many things to be fixed in the house.  We had a first meeting with Bob for a consultation.  He really listened and paid attention to the details of our needs.  He offered very helpful options for us to consider.  He even recommended a handyman for us to work with.  We are grateful for his caring and integrity.

Huihan Liu Homeowner

Condominium deck

Second Story Deck

October 2016
My husband and I had a second story deck that needed repair, as water pooled in the corner on the side of the house and made the deck unusable during rainy season.
We were able to contact several people who could “help us,” however, each time we would not get a quote on materials and labor, or the details of how the job would be accomplished were vague and they could “do whatever we wanted.” We feared that we would never find someone who actually knew what needed to be done to fix the problem.
When we contacted Bob Youngs he was extremely friendly and met with us quickly. He knew what needed to be done to fix the situation and let us know what that looked like.
He was transparent in his timeline to the best of his abilities (we were racing the rain), and made sure we were included every step of the way.
The job was completed in a timely fashion and we were extremely satisfied with the work done! I would recommend Bob and his team to anyone needing them!
Thank you so much!!

The Thayers Customers / Homeowners

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Condo Bath Remodel

8/2015 Updated review
474It is a year later and my bathroom remodel by Bob and his sons is still working great and still beautiful. It is great compliment to be able to say that with use that what you paid for is still working well and that you still enjoy it. If ever you need a contractor. Robert Youngs should be your first choice. They were punctual, very quiet (or as quiet as you can be knocking things out) and very clean, during and after. Even when the water had to be turned off, I had time to notify my fellow condo owners, and it was off for the least amount of time. If I ever need additional work they are my first and only choice.

9/2014 Previous review
This summer I finally got the courage to have my one and only bathroom remodeled. It was a very scary commitment, not knowing what would be under the very poorly laid vinyl flooring. I got encouragement and many suggestions from Robert Youngs. It ended up being a very pleasant, easy remodel. It was the only bathroom we had and I thought we might have to stay in a hotel but Robert and his sons made the whole remodel happen without us leaving. They timed everything perfectly. The other reason for the remodel was to make it safer for my mom with grab bars and better lighting. I was asked for my opinion on everything and I got extras that I didn\’t know about like a timed light switch. I love my new beautiful bathroom. Although I have a small condo that doesn’t need much work done now, I would always chose Robert Youngs and his sons for any future work.

Karen Walton Homeowner

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Professional Excellence

I have had Bob Youngs & Company do repair work on my home on several occasions. Bob – and his entire team – has done every job with professional excellence. I am always confident of the high quality of their workmanship, and pleased with the finished product. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Elaine Servetto Homeowner

Kitchen Remodel

Exterior Remodel, Trim & Trellis

In the twenty-five years we have lived in Santa Rosa, we have had some major remodeling work done on our ninety-year-old house in the historic section of town. We feel that none of the contractors we have worked with has ever gotten it “right.” Bob Youngs is the first!! He and his sons did an excellent job of fixing dry rot and other problems, and adding improvements to this old house. Bob cared about our house and really wanted to do the job the right way. Everything turned out perfect. One aspect that sets Bob apart is that he really listens to you, makes suggestions, sends possible sketches for your approval; basically he communicates at every stage along the way. Wow! That has never happened before.
We are happy to recommend Bob Youngs–please ask Bob for our phone number so we can talk to you about the quality of his work.

Glenn & Elle Caesar Homeowners / Teacher / Seamstress

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One thing and another . . .

New Entry in Oakmont
September 2016
We recently bought a tired old house that turned out to have quite a lot of things that needed to be fixed. The Youngs team did a terrific job for us. From installing new skylights, crown molding, interior doors, a hot water recirculation pump etc. to fixing electrical circuits, water-damaged siding, etc. The work done was most satisfactory. Bob has an eye for detail and planning. Jordan and Scott (the hands-on guys) were a pleasure to work with. They know what they are doing and they couldn’t be more pleasant and accommodating. We would certainly use them again (and will if we have future projects) and we would highly recommend them to others.

John & Esther Dolan Homeowners - Oakmont

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Leaning Utility shed

Although my job was small – it was very complicated – Bob and his crew were able to diagnose the problem and efficiently come to a resolution as to how to fix things. I was very pleased with their work and would not hesitate to use them again for any future projects.

Anthony George

Leafwood - home remodel Living Room

Repairs / Living Room Remodel / Patio Doors Replacement

Living Room Remodel & Other Items
We’ve lived in this house in Bennett Valley since 1978, and have done significant home improvement projects every three years on average: expansion to open floor plan, hardwood floors, two bathroom remodels, bedroom remodel, kitchen update, Andersen windows throughout, new decks, etc.
The general contractor we’d worked with so successfully for the past 20 years retired recently and we asked him to recommend a replacement who worked to the same high standards. His enthusiastic highest recommendation was Youngs & Company. And so when it came time to choose a contractor for the items on this year’s home improvement list, we called on Bob Youngs.
The project had three phases:
1. Maintenance Items: Replace the side door to the garage, damaged by dry rot and southern exposure. Rehang four interior doors that were sticking in their casings due to settling of the house over the years. Scrape, sand, prime and paint the roof fascia boards to prolong their useful life, and paint the rain gutters to generally “spruce up” the curb appeal.
2. Living Room Remodel: Remediate the popcorn ceiling and re-texture. Install pot lights on dimmers. Replace 1970s vintage electric outlets and switches with up-to-date equipment. Add crown molding. Paint walls. Remove old carpet and install hardwood floors and baseboards to match existing in the foyer. Refinish the natural wood trim of the bay window and window seat.
3. Replace two 30-year old Anderson sliding patio doors with modern Mil-Gard Essence line units.
All phases are now complete and the finished results are absolutely beautiful. The level of craftsmanship, skill, attention to detail, and pride of work shown by the crew throughout the project has been exceptional. The electrical sub who did the pot lights said the crown molding installation is the best he’s ever seen. Matching the living room clear-finished baseboards to those in the adjacent foyer was tricky because the living room floor is step-down from the foyer. The quality of the joinery in this very visible transition is absolutely superb. The Youngs & Company team member responsible for the painting is a master painter, and it shows in the finished product.
Money: The contract was clear, complete, and the budget and payment terms straightforward. There were no surprises of any kind in the course of this project. We did not solicit other bids. We’ve been through enough home improvement projects to know what’s in the ballpark. Quality is remembered (and you’re reminded of it every day when you look at your house) long after the price is forgotten.
Our house looks great, functions better, has had value added and feels new again. Thank You, Youngs & Company, for a superb job.
Sorry we have no photos to post. If you’d like to see the finished job as a reference, Youngs & Company is hereby authorized to give you our contact information so we can arrange a visit.

Bill & Sue Badstubner Customers/Homeowners/Retirees

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Double Ovens

May 2017
A few weeks before Thanksgiving, my double ovens stopped working. When I found which new ovens I wanted, I learned that the newer models were slightly larger than the space provided between my built-in cabinets. I was worried that around this time of year I would not be able to find someone to help me solve this issue in time for the holidays. Fortunately for me I was given the recommendation for Youngs & Company. I contacted Bob and he was not only quick to respond, but he was kind and understanding. The very next day he sent Scott and Jordan to my home to start the measurements. Both of them were on time, precise, and polite. They were very methodical to make sure that the space was the proper size without damaging my cabinets. They removed my old ovens, installed the new ovens, and accomplished this task all before Thanksgiving. I am grateful for the effort that Bob, Jordan, and Scott put into installing my new appliance. I would easily use them again and I highly recommend their work to anyone in need.

Charlene Hullinger Client

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