Home Remodeling:

This is anything from a minor remodel to a few spaces in a home to the remodeling of an entire home, affecting a number of rooms, often including some added square footage.

One of the primary things we have done for quite some time is home remodeling.  That can involve any project from additional floor space and new rooms added, to an entire home remodeling project.

Sometimes it’s an exterior facelift with siding, windows, doors and trim.  Or, it could be roof line changes, whole new roof systems, skylights that bring a home into the current millennium.  Or, sometimes just an entry dress-up with new doors, glass blocks, a gable roof, a stoop or ramp, or something else.

These photos give a sense of the types of projects we do, although by no means are all of the types of home remodeling projects that we have done included in this gallery.  Other of our webpages will show some of the variations of exciting things we have done for our clients and may highlight some specific features done.

A home remodeling project should bring excitement into your life, even amid the stress of seeing your investment taken apart and rebuilt.  With our decades of experience in this industry that time alone should bring a sense of confidence that your project will be finished and done very well.  That’s why we use the phrase “Excellence in Construction.”

Enjoy . . .