Remodeling Features: Other Fun & Interesting Items

These photos are a collection of some of the miscellaneous things I have done over the years that you may find interesting or inspiring.

Some other items that can add interest without adding a lot of cost are: crown molding, baseboards, shelves, bead-board, wainscot (this is a fun one as it can make a ceiling appear either higher or lower than it really is), decorative door and window casings, lighting, plumbing and electrical fixtures and trim. Other ideas are using products and materials where you don’t normally find them: exterior siding on a ceiling (see photo), artwork in a garden, old materials instead of new, re-purposing things to do something different, hidden cubbies for valuables, ramps to the front entry door of a home, exterior accent lighting. What others can you think of?

We ‘re-purpose’ a lot of things in our family.  (We used to call it ‘recycling,’ then ‘re-using.’)  The kids are all very creative at doing this and will bring home some amazing finds.  It’s been fun to see what we can do with what we find.

Stay tuned for more
Remodeling Features!

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