Remodeling Features: A Home Wet-Bar Takes Shape

Here are some photos of the conversion of a home office space into a new wet bar. The owner had a job tending bar when he was in college and wanted to have a ‘feel’ of his ‘old days’ in his home today. This project is particularly exciting to me as it included a number of the specialties that I really enjoy doing: problem-solving, designing, matching existing historical cabinetry in the home, wood-working and wood-turning (on a lathe), leaded glass, metal-working, plumbing, electrical, and wood-finishing (staining).  This home was built in 1906 and designed by the same architect that designed a childhood home I lived in years ago.  Our home was built in 1900 and had a very similar design. Walking up to this home brought back many memories of my younger years.

Stay tuned for more
Remodeling Features!

2 Comments on “Remodeling Features: A Home Wet-Bar Takes Shape”

  1. Michael Sinatra

    I love the new blog and the pictures of your latest remodelling project! What a great new site. Thanks for sharing.
    Michael Sinatra

    1. rdyoungscontractor

      Thank you Michael. I’m in the middle of this little series right now on Remodeling Features. It’s a lot of fun doing this. Spread the word! Some of my first posts were on how to select a contractor (finding a reputable one and how to know you’re getting comparable ‘bids’ instead of just ‘estimates.’

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