Remodeling Features: Structural – Foundation cracking and separating

After nearly 50 years, this foundation just had ‘enough.’ The foundation wall was showing serious signs of stress but the owner didn’t know exactly what the problem was, or how it could be repaired. First thing: assess the damage and get the structural engineer involved. After he looked at it, we talked through the options for repair and came up … Read More

Remodeling Features: Structural – Damage from moisture in the crawl space

This particular project arrived through my plumbing contractor, and would have been entirely avoidable. The plumber had been called in to replace a sump pump under the floor of the living room so that the subsoil area could be pumped ‘dry’; then the pest company could continue to do their work: repairs of rotted materials and treatment to prevent future … Read More

Oakmont Home – gets a Fresh Start

This home was nice enough before but needed a bit of freshening up, and some more touches that reflect the current owners. The scope of work consisted of the following: changing fixtures and trim in the two bathrooms; adding an on-demand hot water system; remedying some poorly done electrical; changing out, and adding, some ceiling fans and lights; a facelift … Read More

Energy Saving Solutions – Active: Photovoltaic (Solar) Panels

Amazing return on investment here!  This is a project that we did at our home a couple of years ago now. At the back of the property is a ‘shop.’  Really it’s a storage build more than a shop.  So, after being contacted about having an energy converting solar photovoltaic panels system installed, we started to think about the benefits. … Read More

Energy Saving Solutions – Parabolas and Double-Shells

My own introduction to this field of Energy Saving Solutions . . . began in 1977 when I worked for a company that was testing and manufacturing parabolic solar collectors in northern California. These collectors used water as a heat collection medium and were designed to track the sun’s travel throughout the day while receiving its radiant heat.  The system … Read More

Remodeling Features: Other Fun & Interesting Items

These photos are a collection of some of the miscellaneous things I have done over the years that you may find interesting or inspiring. Some other items that can add interest without adding a lot of cost are: crown molding, baseboards, shelves, bead-board, wainscot (this is a fun one as it can make a ceiling appear either higher or lower … Read More

Remodeling Features: Glass Blocks

Here are a few of the ways I’ve used glass block features in projects. Several are from my own home’s remodel. I’ve used 18 of these features in and around our home. Stay tuned for more Remodeling Features!

Remodeling Features: New Roof Line on an Old Cottage

Here is the reconfiguration of a roof system on a quaint cottage home.  (More text below gallery.) The owner wanted to dress up the old roof system and make it all consistent across the length of the home and its added-on carport.  The home had a 4 in 12 pitch on the front and 2 in 12 on the back … Read More

Remodeling Features: A Home Wet-Bar Takes Shape

Here are some photos of the conversion of a home office space into a new wet bar. The owner had a job tending bar when he was in college and wanted to have a ‘feel’ of his ‘old days’ in his home today. This project is particularly exciting to me as it included a number of the specialties that I … Read More